Two ‘failed captains’ of PSL who will lead the Pakistani team

Season nine of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) concluded on Monday with Islamabad United’s victory at the National Stadium in Karachi.

While many new faces showcased their talent in the recent event, many big names were also unpopular due to poor performances.

Lahore Qalandars captain Shaheen Shah Afridi and Karachi Kings captain Shaan Masood are also among the players who have failed to rekindle their magic.

While both players had difficulties in showing their performance, their decisions also led to the defeat of their respective teams.

Shaheen Shah Afridi is the captain of the Pakistan T20 while Shaan Masood is the captain of the Test team.

The captain who is not able to lead his team well in domestic cricket will be able to give success to the Pakistani team in the international competitions, this is a big question in front of the cricket fans at this time.

Defending champions Lahore Qalandars faced consecutive defeats in the recent season.

Qalandars won only one match out of nine matches, while Qalandars faced continuous failure apart from the match being postponed due to rain.

Karachi Kings won four out of 10 matches and lost six. Both teams were the first to be eliminated from the tournament.

Lahore Qalandars captain Shaheen Shah’s performance has also not been very impressive.

Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) bowling ranking of PSL 9

According to the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) bowling ranking of PSL 9, Shaheen Shah Afridi took 14 wickets in nine matches and ranked seventh.

Shaheen Shah Afridi took 14 wickets in nine matches in PSL 9

Shaheen Shah was consistently out of form in the batting rankings of PSL 9. In nine matches, he completed only one half-century, while in the overall ranking of the tournament, he is at the 46th position with 107 runs.

Shakir Abbasi, a journalist and sports analyst who has a close eye on cricket, says “Lahore Qalandars being the first to get out of the tournament is certainly a question mark on Shaheen Shah Afridi’s performance as a captain.”

He said, ‘Shaheen’s performance has been largely adequate. He has taken 14 wickets in nine matches, although he has got an average of 10 runs per over, but as a bowler, this is a better performance.

Shaheen Shah Afridi is the captain of T20 and this year the Pakistani team has to go to the World Cup, in this context serious questions arise about his leadership.

Rashid Khan could not be part of the Lahore Qalandars squad
Continuing his speech, he said, “Because of the blunders of the leadership of Lahore Qalandars, the team reached the last place, otherwise the team was not so bad in terms of capabilities.” Shaheen Shah could not fight his team properly, neither could he make a combination of the playing XI, nor could he bring enthusiasm to the team which has been the specialty of Lahore Qalandars in the past.

This is a worrying situation for the PCB

Regarding the change of leadership in the T20 format, Shakir Abbasi says, “It is a worrying situation for the PCB because Shaheen Shah was made the captain based on Lahore winning two titles in a row.” But as soon as Shaheen was made captain, Pakistan lost the series against New Zealand badly by four to one. After that his exam was PSL, there too he flopped miserably.

Shaheen Shah was given the leadership based on the performance of PSL, so the performance of PSL also justifies to removing him from the leadership. If the board is thinking about changing the leadership, it should be done before the New Zealand series.

Lahore Qalandars are the winners of PSL seasons seven and eight

Hasnain Liaquat, a sports anchor associated with a private news channel, while talking to Urdu News, said that Shaheen Afridi was made the captain of the T20 World Cup. Now Shaheen Afridi has lost four out of five matches then eight out of nine PSL matches too. So this was one difference because Rashid Khan was not on the team, and Shaheen could not use his leadership skills in this way.

Regarding Shaheen Shah’s continued captaincy, Hasnain says, “My personal opinion is that PCB should not decide the captaincy based on PSL.”

“You (PCB) have to decide based on PSL. If Quetta Gladiators won the PSL, would they make Riley Russo the captain by giving them Pakistani citizenship?”

Pakistan Test team is led by Shan Masood

Hasnain adds “I think Muhammad Rizwan is the best for the captain’s position at the moment because he has been leading his team to the final for four years.”

He said that former captain Babar Azam also wants to become the captain again. The news that he has refused to become captain again is not true at all.

Shaheen Shah Afridi wants to remain the captain, Rizwan also wants to become the captain and the coaches of the PSL teams also have the same opinion that Rizwan should become the captain.

Karachi Kings captain Shaan Masood was also an unsuccessful PSL captain. He scored just 158 ​​runs in 10 innings at an average of 15.8 and a strike rate of 105.

Shakir Abbasi says about Shan Masood that ‘Shaan Masood is the captain of the Test team, there is a difference between Test and T20 captaincy. He has performed well as a captain.

Hasnain Liaquat also believes that Shan Masood should get time now.

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