Chinese player Ding Liren’ became the world chess champion

Chinese player Ding Liren’ became world chess champion، Ding Liren has become China’s first men’s world chess champion by defeating Russia’s Ian Nepomanacci.

After 14 games in the first round of the World Chess Championship in Kazakhstan, Ding, 30, prevailed in a quick-play tiebreaker.

He will take the place of five-time champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway, who declared he was “not motivated” to defend his crown.

Last year, Carlson accused a rival American of consistent cheating, which shocked the chess community. They remain at number one in the ranking.


Ding’s victory made him the 17th winner of a world chess tournament, while Nipomniachi, who had previously reached the grand final, was thwarted in the final for the second time.

According to comments shared by the International Chess Federation, FIDE, Ding said he felt “quite relieved” after his victory.

“ The moment Ian abnegated from the game was a veritably emotional moment. I couldn’t control my feelings. I know myself, I’ll cry and exfoliate gashes. It was a delicate event for me.

Ding Liren

” His palm was celebrated by chess suckers and loyalists in China, a growing chess power.

“One Ding to rule them all,” tweeted fellow Grandmaster Anish Giri after Ding’s win.

Chinese player Ding Liren' became world chess champion (1)

China’s General Administration of Sport, a government department, also published a warm congratulatory message, praising Ding for “winning honors for the motherland and its people”.

The €2m prize money (£1.8m; $2.2m) will be split 55-45 between the two players.

Ding finished second in the campaigner’s event, which players must win to challenge the world champion. In 2009, he came China’s youthful public chess champion. Within 12 times, he’d come the loftiest-ranked Chinese player in the world rankings, reaching an alternate place.

His triumph highlights China’s ascent in the chess world. Since Xi became the first Chinese person to win a global championship in the women’s game in June 1991, China has dominated women’s chess contests.

The World Chess Championship, which is available to both men and women, had never been won by a Chinese player.

It should be noted that with Deng’s victory, China has won the men’s and women’s world titles, the current female champion of the world chess competition is Juwenjin, who is Deng’s compatriot.

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