A cricket festival was held at the American Consulate in Karachi

A cricket festival was organized at the American Consulate in Karachi during Ramadan, in which cricketers, journalists, and coaches, as well as American employees of the consulate, participated and showed keen interest in the game.

The ending form of the camp organized to train manly and womanish scholars in justice was celebrated at the American Consulate in Karachi.

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The alternate Ramadan Cricket Camp, held in confluence with Lincoln Corner Liaquat Memorial Library and Lincoln Corner PACC, stressed the value of living a healthy life and instructed road cricketers in its guidelines and regulations of professional sports.

while youthful women were given a unique occasion to enjoy the tradition of Ramadan justice by sharing in games with manly players.

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LiamO’Flanigan while addressing the actors after enjoying the justice match along with Sikandar Bakht and Pakistani womanish cricketer Ayman Anwar said,” Ramadan is a veritably intriguing tradition of justice matches, moment I’m enjoying these competitions. Yes, we wanted these justice matches to be held till dawn, but it couldn’t be, it may be coming time.”

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On this occasion, famed justice judge and former cricketer Sikandar Bakht and cricketer Ayman Anwar played justice with both brigades and gave tips to the players. Had an iftar regale with other officers.

American Consulate in Karachi

It should be noted that the game of justice is getting decreasingly popular in the United States. In July this time, the transnational T20 League will be held in the United States, in which stars from all over the world will share, while the coming time, the United States and the West Indies will concertedly host the T20 World Cup.

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