Australian captain Pat Cummins backs Usman Khawaja

Australian cricket team captain Pat Cummins has supported star cricketer Usman Khawaja’s stance on the Gaza issue.

According to the news agency AF, Pat Cummins on Monday spoke in support of Usman Khawaja, saying that “Usman Khawaja’s highlighting of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is not hateful.”

Usman was denied permission by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to wear a sticker of a black figure holding an olive branch on his bat and shoes during the second Test against Pakistan.

Australian captain Pat Cummins backs Usman Khawaja

During pre-match training on Sunday, the words on his bat were 01: UDHR. Which refers to the reference of Article I of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Support of Usman Khawaja

The 36-year-old cricketer was barred from wearing shoes with slogans like ‘All lives are equal and freedom is a human right’ written on them.

In this regard, the International Cricket Council says that any kind of religious, racial, and political messages are a violation of ICC rules.

“We support Uzi (Usman Khawaja), the people he believes in are standing by him and I think he did it honorably,” Pat Cummins told reporters in Melbourne.

“As I said last week, all lives are equal and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that,” he added. I will say the same about Fakhta.

“And this is Usman, I think he will have no regrets about what he is doing.”

Last week, Usman Khawaja said how much the Israel-Hamas killings had affected him.

“When I see videos of children dying on my Instagram account, it hurts me a lot. I have no agenda except to highlight what I feel.’

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