Babar Azam under pressure for being out of the World Cup, ‘Making mistakes is not a crime’

Babar Azam under pressure for being out of the World Cup, ‘Making mistakes is not a crime’, and Captain Babar Azam appears to be ‘desperate’ to save his position after the Pakistan team’s exit from the ICC Cricket World Cup.

The news agency AFP reported on Sunday, quoting the former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), that fans seem “disappointed” with the reaction of cricket fans to Babar Azam’s return home.

One of the main reasons for the anger of Pakistani cricket fans is that in this event, their traditional rival India won all eight matches.

On the other hand, Pakistan faced defeat in five out of nine World Cup matches. Among them is the match against Team India in Ahmedabad in which Pakistan was defeated by seven wickets.

Babar Azam has scored 320 runs at an average of 40 with the help of four half-centuries in the World Cup and is still able to maintain his title as the second-ranked batsman in the world rankings.

Earlier, there have been continuous accusations of favoring friends of Babar Azam in the Pakistani media.

Pakistan Cricket Director Mickey Arthur has said that I am with Babar. Babar is very close to me. They are young and should be allowed to continue their journey.

World Cup 2023, Mohammad Amir’s complaint of Babar Azam’s bad captaincy

Pakistan’s early exit from the 2023 ODI World Cup has sparked a debate over the team’s leadership, strategy, and overall system. Former fast bowler Mohammad Amir strongly believes that there is more weight in blaming the captain than the system failure

The system can’t do anything until the captain’s mentality changes, was it the system that asked not to feed Abrar Ahmed or asked to bench Fakhar after the first match?: Former fast bowler.

Mohammad Amir said, “What is the system? It is not a wall. Five and six people have been given the responsibility of running Pakistan cricket. The captain is also one of them. In 1992, under the leadership of Imran Khan, we won the World Cup.” The system that won was the same. In 1999, our team was the world-beater that reached the final. We won the T20 World Cup in 2009 with the same system under which we won the Champions Trophy in 2017.

Mohammad Amir emphasized the role of the captain and highlighted the need for a change in mindset, suggesting that it is the captain’s approach, not the system, that dictates success. Mohammad Amir added that Babar has been the captain for the last four years.

He has built his own team. If Buttler is not part of our system, then why did England play so badly? Does England’s system also need to change? After the 2015 defeat, Morgan said, “I want to play this brand of cricket. I want these 25 players.”

Amir’s argument revolved around Babar Azam’s recent selection, including the decision to drop Abrar Ahmed and bench Fakhar after the first match. “The system remains the same, it is the captain who has changed his mindset, the system cannot do anything until the mindset of the captain changes. Was it the system that did not feed Abrar Ahmed after the first match or Fakhr Zamar?” Asked to sit on the bench”.

Referring to the Indian cricket system under MS Dhoni, Mohammad Amir said that despite criticism, Dhoni’s leadership did not change the system but focused on player selection and team development. Mohammad Amir added, “We say Dhoni changed Indian cricket but he never changed the system. People kept saying how long they would give Jadeja and Ashwin a chance, now we say Jadeja is the best all-rounder in the world, MS Dhoni has given him the team.”

Acknowledging that no system in any cricket set-up is immune to criticism, Amir suggested that a captain’s mentality and selection play a more important role in a team’s success than a superior system.

Babar Azam is the ODI group captain when you consider that 2020

Mickey Arthur said that he (Babar) is constantly learning. We know he is a very good batsman. He learns from his captaincy with every passing day.

We should give Babur a chance to learn. And in this process a person also makes mistakes. If you are learning from mistakes, then these mistakes are not crimes.

The Pakistani squad was playing in India for the first time after seven years. Apart from matches and training, Pakistan players were virtually confined to hotel rooms there.

It was necessary for them to be accompanied by security personnel if they went out of their hotel.

Mickey Arthur said that he (Babar) is constantly learning. We know he is a very good batsman, Mickey Arthur compared the situation to tours ‘in the time of Corona’.

Former chairman PCP Rameez Raja expressed fear that Babar Azam could become the first victim in the Pakistan cricket environment plagued by infighting.

Rameez Raja told the British news agency about Babar Azam that ‘he is under so much pressure that he may leave his position.’

He said that, as expected, there has been a strong response to the return to the country. The Pakistani media has criticized some players, especially Babar Azam.
Rameez Raja added, “It’s the World Cup, so you have to take criticism at some level.” The problem with this team is that it has the ability to play modern cricket but is a bit timid and lackadaisical in its approach.

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