Caretaker Prime Minister ‘Notice’, PCB Removed Salman Butt From Selection Committee

Caretaker Prime Minister ‘Notice’, PCB Removed Salman Butt From Selection Committee, The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has removed former Test cricketer Salman Butt from the post of chief selector’s consultant.

His dismissal was announced by Chief Selector Wahab Riaz in a press conference in Lahore on Saturday evening, in which he said that he was not pressured by anyone, I made the decision to make Salman Butt a consultant. It was, now I am also making the decision to remove them.’

In a press conference in Lahore on Saturday, Chief Selector Wahab Riaz said that ‘some media houses and people are spreading propaganda and they are trying to make things worse, and I am probably associated with them. are doing.’

“As chief selector, it is my decision as to who will work with me and whose support I will need.”

PCB returns decision to appoint Salman Butt as consultant

He said, “People are talking about nepotism, friendship, someone talks about me and Salman Butt, so that’s why I took this decision (to appoint Salman Butt as a consultant). I take it back. I have already spoken to Salman Butt, I have told him that he cannot be part of my team, because I don’t want people to associate us in any way.

On a question about Salman Butt’s involvement in spot-fixing and the punishment, Wahab Riaz said, “What happened before and he suffered the punishment.” He has a good mind about cricket, so I wanted to hire him for consultancy.

“There is no pressure from anyone, this decision was taken by me and I am taking it back.”

PCB yesterday appointed three former Test cricketers Salman Butt, Rao Iftikhar Anjum and Salman Butt as consultants to chief selector Wahab Riaz.

During the tour of England in 2010, then captain Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif were found involved in spot-fixing. However, Salman Butt’s appointment was heavily criticized because of his central role in the 2010 spot-fixing scandal.

During the tour of England in 2010, then captain Salman Butt, fast bowler Mohammad Amir and, fast bowler Mohammad Asif were found involved in sport fixing.

After that, the International Cricket Council (ICC) imposed bans on the three players and also imposed punishments.

Salman Butt faced a 10-year ban while Mohammad Asif was banned for seven years from playing cricket.

After the end of the ban, Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif remained active in domestic cricket, but never made it to the Pakistan team, while Mohammad Amir remained a part of the team for several years after the ban imposed on him.

Caretaker Prime Minister’s Notice On the other hand, according to the official broadcaster PTV, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar took notice of the controversial appointment in the selection committee of the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board), and on his instructions, the controversial appointment was canceled immediately.

Notice of controversial appointment of Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar in Pakistan Cricket Board Selection Committee.

Yesterday, the caretaker prime minister took strict notice of controversial player Salman Butt’s appointment in the selection committee of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

The Prime Minister is the Patron-in-Chief of the PCB.

The caretaker prime minister has said that there is no shortage of talent in Pakistan, the selection committee of players for a popular and favorite sport like cricket should also be uncontroversial.

He directed to include non-controversial and reputable selectors in the selection committee of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board). He says that for the success of Pakistan cricket, all appointments will be made on merit.

However, ever since this announcement, it has been criticized by cricket fans in Pakistan, including those who closely follow the game.

In this case, Wahab Riaz was the fourth cricketer to be questioned by Scotland Yard but no charges were found against him.

During the press conference, Wahab Riaz said that an attempt was made to spoil the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board), the decision to withdraw Salman Butt’s name is mine alone, I assumed the position of chief selector as my responsibility.

Talking about Salman Butt, Wahab Riaz said, “I think people need to move forward now.” Whatever happened, a long time has passed and he (Salman Butt) has served his sentence.

“For me, he has knowledge about cricket and that’s why I wanted him to stay with me as a consultant.

But people need to understand that it is also important to move forward in life but I think people started working on an agenda because they wanted to throw mud on the cricket board and gain their personal benefits by mocking the PCB. wanted.’

Wahab added, “Because I am a part of this institution, I don’t want anything like that to happen, especially because of my decision, so I have withdrawn it.”

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