“I will proudly say that I am a Muslim,” Mohammad Shami broke the silence on the discussion of prostration in the World Cup

In the ICC World Cup that ended last month, India’s Mohammad Shami was the highest wicket-taker in the mega-event and he was praised worldwide for his brilliant performance.

During the same World Cup, in a match against Sri Lanka, Mohammad Shami took five wickets and to celebrate he bowed to the ground and sat on his knees. The act, rooted in his Muslim faith, sparked a global debate about sportsmanship, religion, and respect.

This style of Mohammad Shami sparked a new debate among social media users and it was claimed that the fast bowler stopped prostrating.

Mohammad Shami’s silence and the roar that followed

After weeks of debate on social media, Mohammad Shami has finally broken his silence and denied the claims regarding prostration.

At first, Shami opted for silence, allowing the gesture to speak for itself. However, subsequent discussions, both complimentary and critical, prompted him to break his silence. In an interview he said that I will proudly say that I am a Muslim, I will proudly say that I am an Indian and what is the problem? This is my way of thanking Allah.

He said that if I wanted to worship, who could stop me? I will not stop anyone from worshiping and if I want to worship, I will do so.

"I will proudly say that I am a Muslim," Mohammad Shami broke the silence on the discussion of prostration in the World Cup

In response to a question, the Indian fast bowler said, “If I have to take permission from anyone to worship, why would I stay in this country?”

He asked the people who started the discussion on social media in a questioning manner, “Have I ever prostrated after taking five wickets before?” I have taken five wickets many times. You tell me where I prostrated? I will go there and prostrate.

It should be remembered that Mohammad Shami took 24 wickets by playing seven matches in the World Cup. India was defeated by Australia by seven wickets in the final.

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