ICC’s new ‘trial’ rule, five-run penalty on offending team

ICC’s new ‘trial’ rule, five-run penalty on offending team, The International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to implement the ‘Stop Trial’ rule in men’s One Day Internationals and T20Is on a trial basis from December 2023 to 2024.

A statement from the ICC on Tuesday said that the decision to implement the rule was taken to save time lost between overs in a match.

The ICC further states that in a match, “a team that has breached this (law) for the third time shall be penalized five runs if they do not start the second over within 60 seconds after the end of one over.”

According to the cricket governing body, this decision has been taken to speed up the pace of cricket and improve the viewing experience of the fans.

Note that such a law already exists for batters in international cricket.

According to ICC rules, a new batsman has to face his first ball within two minutes after the fall of a wicket, failing which he can be declared ‘time out’ and sent back to the pavilion.

The rule came under fire at the World Cup that concluded last week when Angelo Mathews had to return to the pavilion without playing a ball under a ‘time-out’ during the match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Angelo Mathews was the first player in the world to be ‘timed out’ in the history of cricket.

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