Is this the best catch in cricket history?

Is this the best catch in cricket history? In the history of cricket, we have seen many brilliant catches in the field. Sometimes fielders take catches easily while on other occasions they take catches in interesting or difficult ways.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a local cricket match where a wicketkeeper takes a catch in an awkward position and his teammates laugh at the unusual feat.

Here is the viral video of the arrest:

The wicketkeeper tried to catch

A batsman plays a cover drive shot and the ball takes the outside edge of the bat to the wicketkeeper. When the wicketkeeper tried to catch the ball, the ball unexpectedly went to his waist and he fell on his chest. The ball landed on his back and he managed to catch it with his hand.

All his teammates gathered around him as they watched the hilarious scene.

Best catch in cricket history

He celebrated the wicket with great enthusiasm. These kinds of catches have not been seen in international cricket. Of course, catches win the match for the team but we have seen players sometimes putting all their efforts, including hard, to get a catch on the boundary.

This catch in a domestic match is surely one of the best catches in cricket and will be the most interesting catch ever. One will surely laugh when he sees this catch. However, the wicketkeeper who took the catch certainly played a vital role for his team in a crucial situation.

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