Pakistan vs India: Kohli’s Pakistani fans who have now ‘smartened up’

Pakistan vs India: Kohli’s Pakistani fans who have now ‘smartened up’, In January 2016, Umar Daraz, a fan of Indian batsman Virat Kohli, was arrested by the Okara police for hoisting an Indian flag on the roof of his house in love with Kohli.

As soon as the police received the information, Umar Daraz was caught on Tuesday, January 26, and the Indian flag was taken down from the roof, after which the Indian media, including Pakistan, reported about it throughout the day.

Umar Daraz belongs to Okara and he has to watch the sensational match between Pakistan and India in the World Cup tomorrow with his friends.

He told Urdu News regarding yesterday’s match ‘I am a big fan of Kohli but Pakistan is my country, so my wish is that Pakistan wins the match but Kohli also scores a century.’

Umar Daraz said that when Virat Kohli is out, he starts crying and his friends around him start arguing.
“Kohli’s dismissal is like a ball hitting my heart at 160 mph. I can never bear it.’

He played a match with friends at the local cricket ground from afternoon till evening and when contacted he said, ‘It might be a coincidence but still I am wearing the shirt with Kohli’s name on it, and this time I I have become smart.

I have written Kohli’s name on Pakistan’s shirt so that there is no problem again. I am a tailor myself, I have also written this name myself.

When asked why he loves Virat Kohli so much, Umar Daraz said that as a cricketer, he likes Virat Kohli very much. The two fielders stand and the way he hits the shot in the gap, my heart wants to hug Kohli. I only love Kohli’s cricket.

Umar Daraz said, “My only wish is that Virat Kohli continues to play and I continue to watch.” Umar Daraz himself has been playing cricket for a long time and loves keeping and batting.

People here know me as Kohli. My name is Umar but my love for Kohli is so much that most people have forgotten my real name.
He said about copying Virat Kohli, “When I send you my videos, you see, I only copy Kohli all the time.”

Tomorrow Pakistan and India are competing and the eyes of the whole world are currently on this match. Umar Daraz has also made complete preparations in this regard.

In 2016, Umar Daraz was arrested by the police for flying an Indian flag on the roof of his house in love with Kohli. Umar Daraz’s voice was now heavy.

He was repeating Kohli’s name again and again. To the question, suppose you are watching a match with your family, Kohli gets out and everyone sitting next to you starts cheering, how would you feel? On this, he said, “Man, I am crying.”

In response to the same question, after a short silence, he added, “I am telling the truth.” I belong to the nation. We do not let go of whomever we begin to love.

My only wish is that Virat Kohli continues to play and I continue to watch, when he is out I don’t eat for days.’

On the question, what is the situation at home in Kohli’s century? Umar Daraz said, “There is a debate every time.” I tell everyone that I am a Pakistani but I am a fan of Kohli. Let someone play cricket like him.

He said an interesting thing and said that when my brothers put up screens, Pakistan lost. That’s why I say if Pakistan wants to win, don’t install a screen.

Almost seven years have passed since the incident of hoisting the Indian flag at home. This time, will Umar Daraz raise the Indian flag at home?

In this regard, he gave an innocent answer and said that I had become smart. Hanging the flag may be a crime but I am wearing a Pakistani shirt with Virat Kohli’s name written on it and I will wear it tomorrow too.

I want to meet Virat Kohli. I don’t know which day I will meet them. I have nothing but this is my greatest desire.
According to Umar Daraz, the Pakistan team is very strong this time.

When he was arrested by the police in 2016, his only crime was that he had hoisted the Indian flag at his home. Umar Daraz called this move his big mistake and said, “I did not know these things.” Being a fan of Virat Kohli is not a crime but it was my mistake to flag India while in Pakistan. He made that flag himself by buying clothes.

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