Pakistan’s victory over Afghanistan in the last over: Naseem gets angry again by running out Shadab

Pakistan’s victory over Afghanistan in the last over: Naseem gets angry again by running out Shadab, Pakistan defeated Afghanistan by one wicket in the second match of the series. The match had everything in the story, a perfect century, half-centuries, back-to-back wickets, controversial run-outs, and last-over drama.

Naseem Shah throws away his helmet, gloves, and bat and runs to the ground with mixed emotions of joy and anger after Pakistan won a thrilling match in the last over.

This is not the story of the T20 match played between Pakistan and Afghanistan in the Asia Cup a year ago, but the story of the second match of the series in Sri Lanka between the two teams.

Pakistan defeated Afghanistan by one wicket after a nail-biting encounter on Thursday. The story of this ODI match had it all, a perfect century, half-centuries, back-to-back wickets, ‘controversial’ run-outs, and last-over drama.

However, in the story of this match, Naseem Shah once again surprised everyone with his batting and in the last over, when Pakistan needed 11 runs to win and Shadab Khan was run out at the non-striker’s end, Naseem scored two. With the help of fours, this target was achieved on the second last ball of the match.

With this victory, Pakistan won the important series before the important tournaments of the World Cup and Asia Cup.

In the match played in Hambantota, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan won the toss and elected to bat first and scored 300 runs for the loss of five wickets in the allotted 50 overs.

In response, Pakistan achieved this target in the last over of their innings. At one point, it looked like Pakistan would achieve the target easily, but as Babar Azam got out with a half-century, Pakistan’s middle order faltered and it came down to eleven runs in the last over.

Shadab Khan’s excellent 48 runs and half-centuries of Imamul Haq and Babar Azam were prominent for Pakistan.

However, what is being talked about the most at the moment is Shadab Khan’s run-out and Naseem Shah’s once again excellent batting in the last over. First, let’s talk about Shadab Khan’s run out which was done at the critical moment of the match.

Shadab Khan’s run-out at the non-striker’s end was controversial?

It was before the start of the last over of the match when the Afghan players gathered around bowler Fazl-e-Haq Farooqui and held a meeting.

At the start of the last over, Pakistan needed 27 runs from 12 balls and had only two players left, but due to Shadab Khan’s aggressive batting, Pakistan scored 16 runs in this over and now they need 11 runs in the last over to win. were

In this small meeting, it may have been discussed that Shadab Khan was also coming out of the crease before the bowler delivered the ball and now because he is at the non-striker’s end, he will surely run to get the run. If they try, they can be run out by the bowler there.

The batsman has a long history of being run out at the non-striker’s end. When the Indian cricket team toured Australia in the year 1947-48, Indian bowler Vinu Minkid twice ran out Bill Brown at the non-striker’s end.

Once this was done during a side match and the second time in a test match played between the two teams. At the time, the Australian media labeled this style of run-out as ‘minking’ and it was criticized.

However, the legendary batsman and captain of this Australian team, Don Bradman, said in his book ‘Farewell to Cricket’ that ‘if the non-striker has to stay at the crease before the ball is delivered, then how can his run-out be called unfair? can.’

Despite this defense on their part, this style of run-out not only continued but also became known as Minkding.

However, after the change in the rules of the game by the MCC in the year 2022, a run-out by a bowler to a batsman standing at the non-striker’s end before the ball was bowled was officially declared a run-out.

However, this procedure still remains controversial and some individuals and players believe that it is against the ‘spirit of cricket’. Some people also believe that a warning should be given to the batsman beforehand, while there are also opinions that the bowler should use it when it is legal to do so.

It is also quite common to think that when a bowler not only has to bowl a new ball but also gives an extra run to the opposing team, the batsman should also be penalized for taking undue advantage.

However, the opinion is still divided and whenever such a run-out happens, it gets a lot of attention on social media, which is still going on. Commenting on this, one user said that the funeral of the spirit of cricket took place today.

What happened in Afghanistan’s innings?

Afghanistan’s openers Rehmanullah Gurbaz and Ibrahim Zadran batted in a very confident manner, Pakistan’s famous bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi, who took a wicket in his first over, along with Haris Rauf also looked helpless.

The highlight of this match was the brilliant century of Afghanistan opener Rahmanullah Garbaz. He played a brilliant innings of 151 runs off 151 balls with the help of three sixes and 14 fours.

The Afghan team, who were bowled out for 59 in the first match of the series, looked confident today and none of the Pakistani bowlers could get any success till the 40th over of the match.

However, spin bowler Osama Mir gave Pakistan the first success in the 40th over of the match. Scored runs.

After Ibrahim Zardan returned to the pavilion, the experienced and senior player of the Afghanistan cricket team Mohammad Nabi supported Rahmanullah Gurbaz till the 45th over of the match. Mohammad Nabi scored 29 runs off 29 balls in the last over of the match and was caught out by Imamul Haq on the ball of Naseem Shah.

However, after the dismissal of Rahmanullah Gurbaz, Rashid Khan came in at the end of the match to support Mohammad Nabi, who scored just two runs and was dismissed lbw off Shaheen Shah Afridi.

‘Naseem Shah has once again proved to be a nightmare for Afghanistan’

At this time, most of the users on social media are remembering Naseem Shah’s victory against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup a year ago after seeing this sensational victory of Pakistan.

At that time, Naseem hit two sixes in the last over to give Pakistan victory.

A user remembered this victory and wrote that ‘Naseem was angered by what the Afghan bowlers did after dismissing Asif Ali, today They angered Naseem by running out Shadab Khan. ‘

One user wrote that ‘Naseem Shah has once again proved to be a nightmare for Afghanistan.’

Now, this is the sign of interest of the fans that an Indian user, a traditional rival of Pakistan, wrote that ‘I will definitely go to watch the Pakistan-Afghanistan match in Chennai, because it will be a thorny match.’

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