Which team will travel the most during the Cricket World Cup?

Which team will travel the most during the Cricket World Cup? The ICC Cricket World Cup is underway in India with 10 teams in action.

This World Cup is being played in ten cities of India for which each team has to go to play matches in different cities.
If we look at the schedule of the World Cup, there will be a total of 48 matches in the mega event and the schedule of each team is quite strict.

India will travel the most during the Cricket World Cup, covering a total distance of 9767 kilometers. This is because India is playing all of their group-stage matches in different venues across the country. They will also have to travel to different venues for the knockout stages, depending on their performance in the group stage.

Here is a list of the top 5 teams that will travel the most during the Cricket World Cup:

  • India – 9767 kilometers
  • England – 8106 kilometers
  • South Africa – 7799 kilometers
  • Sri Lanka – 7680 kilometers
  • Bangladesh – 7334 kilometers

Afghanistan will travel the least during the Cricket World Cup, covering a total distance of 5311 kilometers. This is because they will be playing two sets of consecutive games at the same venue.

It is important to note that these distances are approximate and may vary depending on the exact routes taken by the teams.

Bangladesh are scheduled to play their first two matches in Dharamsala, after which the Bengal Tigers will fly to Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, 2661 km from Dharamsala, where they will play New Zealand on October 13.

The Netherlands is the sixth most traveled team in the World Cup. The Netherlands have to play their first two matches in Hyderabad Deccan, but in the group round, the Dutch team has to travel about 7 thousand kilometers for their matches.

Similarly, the five-time champion team Australia has to travel 6915 km in the World Cup. Australia will play two matches at the same venue only once in the World Cup, but despite this, their total distance is quite short compared to other teams.

The Pakistani team participating in the World Cup will play two matches each in Kolkata, Hyderabad Deccan, Bangalore, and Chennai, while their match against traditional rivals India will be held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

South Africa will travel 7799 km in this World Cup. In view of the security and political situation, the Pakistani team will play 9 matches of the group round only in five cities, with a total distance of 6880 km.

Similarly, the New Zealand team, the runner-up of the last World Cup, will cover a distance of 5826 km in this year’s mega event. The New Zealand team will also play two matches each in Chennai, Dharamsala, and Bangalore.

The Afghan team participating in the mega event will travel 5311 km for all their matches in the group round. Afghanistan’s two matches in New Delhi and two matches in Chennai are scheduled consecutively, due to which the Afghan champions will have to travel the least in the event.

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