Who is Ibtaha Maqsood who wears hijab and plays cricket?

Who is Ibtaha Maqsood who wears hijab and plays cricket? The hijab cricketer playing for England cricket tournament and Scotland is being talked about on social media.

24-year-old Ibtaha Maqsood of Pakistani origin plays for the Birmingham Phoenix team in England’s domestic cricket tournament ‘The Hundred’ she also wears a hijab and plays international cricket for her country Scotland.

Recently, Ibtaha Maqsood participated in a children’s TV program wearing a hijab, where she also read some excerpts from a book on Islamic traditions.

Ibtaha Maqsood said that this shows us why it is important for Muslim women to wear a veil and hijab, hijab is a clear identification of you as a Muslim and it also proves that you are a Bahiya.

He said that this is a very good book to answer children’s questions, in which various questions are answered in a very easy-to-understand manner.

The cricketer of Pakistani origin said that there was no problem in playing cricket wearing the hijab, it does not create any obstacles and I continue to play wearing it without any hesitation.

“I think it’s very important, it’s about modesty and it really defines who I am and I’m proud to be a Muslim,” she added.

“I think wearing a hijab and playing in a big stadium like Edgbaston, Birmingham Phoenix’s home ground, sends a very important message that no matter what you look like and what you wear, you can do whatever you want,” said Ibtaha Maqsood.

She Said” You can play in big stadiums and live your dream and do whatever you want,

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