Why did Shahid Afridi want to get married early?

Why did Shahid Afridi want to get married early? Former captain Shahid Afridi has revealed that he asked his parents to marry him early.

Shahid Afridi recently appeared as a guest on a show where the host of the show Momin Saqib asked Shahid Afridi about marriage by showing a picture of his wedding.

Shahid Afridi smilingly commented on the wedding photo that ‘life stopped coming here’.

He said that positive changes improve your life and to improve life, a person should change.

Shahid Afridi said that I wanted my marriage to be done soon so that there would be discipline in my life and that’s why I asked my parents to choose a girl for me.

Explaining his point, he said that he asked the parents to choose the girl because I believe that parental choice is the best for marriage.

Shahid Afridi said that from the age of 17 to 24, we consider ourselves to be wise and the front is a fool, but adults are adults because they become adults not by degrees but by life experience and this experience is more than many degrees.

He laughed and said that I had thought that if my parents’ decision did not improve, I would get married again, but Alhamdulillah, I am very happy.

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