Former World Cup winner, Mario Zagallo has died at the age of 92

As the first man to win the World Cup in both player and manager roles, Mario Zagallo holds a special place in the hearts of many Brazilian soccer fans, a symbol of patriotism, determination, and triumph.

Earlier in the week, Brazilian Soccer Confederation president Ednaldo Rodríguez released a statement confirming Zagalo’s passing, saying Zagalo was “one of the greatest legends” in the world of sports.

“We specific our harmony with his own family individuals and fanatics in this 2nd of grief for the passing of this extremely good hero of our football,” Rodrigues said.

Several clubs in Brazil, where Mario Zagallo played and coached, have expressed grief and condolences over his death.

Zagallo’s social media channels called him “a committed father, a loving grandfather, a worrying father-in-law, a loyal friend, a victorious expert, and an exquisite human being.“

“A large hero. A patriot that leaves us a legacy of extraordinary achievements,” the text delivered, without giving more details about Zagallo’s death.

Last August, Zagallo spent 22 days in the hospital battling a urinary infection. Upon returning to his residence in Rio, he turned into captured on film the usage of a wheelchair.

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