The waiting hours are over, the trailer of the famous video game GTA 6′ is ready to be released

The good news for gaming enthusiasts is that the trailer of the new video game ‘GTA 6’ from the popular brand ‘Rockstar Games’ is all set to be released.

On December 1, Rockstar Games confirmed in a tweet on social media website X (Twitter) that the GTA 6 trailer will be released on December 5.

The trailer of ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ i.e. GTA 6 will be released on December 5 at 7 PM Pakistan time.

According to the website ‘’, Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed when GTA 6 will be released, but according to tentative reports, the game is likely to be released in 2024 or 2025.

On the other hand, leaked footage from the trailer of the video game suggests that GTA 6 will be a traditional game like Rockstar’s previous GTA games in which players will be able to drive as well as shoot. And will be able to move around in the big city.

According to the leaked footage, the game will also see some new features in which the player will be able to swim in water this time and will also be able to use a grappling hook.

Before that, the last time Rockstar released its game GTA Auto Five was in 2013 (Photo: Rockstar).

This time the location of this game will be in the fictitious city ‘Vice City’ which is based on the theme of the American city of Miami.

Keep in mind that in GTA 6 this time there will be two heroes i.e. players in which one character will be Jason and the other will be Lucia.

Remember that the last time Rockstar released its game GTA Auto Five was in 2013.

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