Mohammad Amir and Imad Wasim ‘comeback’: Why is PCB having to go with retired players instead of fresh talent?

The festival of the Twenty20 World Cup will be held in June this year, but the announcement of the retirement of two players who retired from the national team in the last week of March has shocked some fans, but some people have already It was expected.

The T20 World Cup festival will be held in June this year, but the announcement of the retirement of two players who retired from the Pakistani team in the last week of March shocked some fans, but some people already It was expected.

The issue has also sparked a debate as to what is the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) strategy behind prioritizing ‘proven’ and ‘experienced’ players over young players in the Pakistani team.

One of the two players who have announced their retirement is fast bowler Mohammad Amir, who has announced his retirement after almost four years.

On the other hand, all-rounder Imad Wasim has also announced his retirement from international cricket in recent days. He announced his retirement in November last year.

On Saturday, cricketer Imad Wasim said that PCB has again shown confidence in him.

After this, on Sunday, Mohammad Amir announced in a statement on social media that it is still his dream to play for Pakistan.

Muhammad Amir, in his statement on the social networking website X about withdrawing his retirement announcement, added, “Life brings us to a point where we have to reconsider our decisions.”

According to Mohammad Amir, he had a ‘positive conversation’ with the PCB where he was ‘respected and informed that he can play cricket for Pakistan’.

According to this message, he announced his availability for the upcoming T20 World Cup after consulting his family and other close people.

Why didn’t PCB prepare a backup in four years?

According to Sports Generalist Faizan Lakhani, there is a difference between the cases of Imad Wasim and Mohammad Amir. Imad Wasim played cricket till last year and is still playing, while his performance in the recent PSL was good. Whereas Muhammad Aamir retired four years ago and he took this decision when Pakistan needed him.

The biggest question is what the PCB has done itself, it should be answered by them. They are having to go around and come back to those players who have taken their retirement. Why didn’t they produce new talent?’

According to Faizan Lakhani, Aamir Jamal, Abbas Afridi and other youngsters are part of the team and have played well, but why didn’t you give them a chance? Why didn’t you develop anyone in four years? And why is Aamir having to go round and round?’

He emphasized that the young players performed well in the PSL.

New players should give the board a chance. It is true that Amir and Imad won matches but such decisions discourage young players.

He says that if you bring forward those who have announced their retirement instead of those who are sweating in domestic cricket, the players will be heartbroken.

Faizan says, “PCB should make a clear cut announcement that it is only for the World Cup and then we will go full stop.” Then in the next four years, we will fully prepare our youth in the academy.

Faizan said, “There is no doubt that both Mohammad Amir and Imad Wasim have been good players and they have given Pakistan many chances to win, but the question arises on the PCB, why did you not prepare backups?” ?’

It should be noted that Chairman PCB Mohsin Naqvi has said in the press conference regarding the new seven-member selection committee that it includes Abdul Razzaq, Wahab Riaz, Muhammad Yousuf and Asad Shafiq.

He said that only one thing has happened to Imad Wasim and that is to play for the country. Regarding Aamir’s involvement, he said that the decision will be taken by the committee.

Why did PCB persuade the players to withdraw their retirement?

Cricket analyst Sami Chaudhry has also criticized PCB for giving chance to Mohammad Amir and Imad Wasim in T20 World Cup.

He says that if they give priority to those who are new boys, they will be insulted.

So what is the real reason behind such decisions of PCB? In response to this question, Sami Chaudhry put his question before the PCB and said that if Islamabad United had not won the title of the winning team of PSL, would Imad Wasim have been withdrawn?

He said that all this is the perfection of lobbying. From the beginning, these particular types of lobbies support different players and this has also happened with the name of Imad.

He claimed that it has been the practice of those who are sitting on the seat of Chairman PCB from the beginning that they make decisions by looking at the media.

According to Sami Chaudhry, “Muhammad Aamir, who took asylum from Pakistan, is now saying that he is ready to do anything for the country, so it is beyond comprehension.”

Remember that when Muhammad Amir retired and moved to England, there were speculations that he could also represent England. But now with his withdrawal from Pakistani cricket, these speculations have died down.

Sami Chaudhry agreed that there is no dearth of talent in the team at the moment. “We also have good snipers, so I don’t think this decision was needed.”

“Pakistan needs Aamir”

The return of Aamir and Imad has come in the form of criticism of the PCB. As one user wrote on X, ‘PCB is a circus.’

A user named Saqib sarcastically wrote that “Contacts with Salim Jafar and Sikandar Bakht of PCB.” Both the fast bowlers announced their retirement after being assured of joining the T20 World Cup squad.

Sarfaraz Nawaz and Tahir Naqash also started practice. Hoping to return to the team.

Another user wrote that the era of Imad Wasim and Muhammad Amir has passed. They can play against small teams but their performance against big teams will be zero and now they are dreaming of joining Pakistan team again.

However, some users expressed their happiness on the return of Imad and Aamir. As one user wrote on Aamir’s comeback: ‘The King is back.’

Another user said, “I think this time Pakistan needs Aamir the most.”

“I salute the chairman PCB, who thought of Pakistan.”

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